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Established in 2012 by Krissie Nicolson and a quorum of street level traders in and around the East End and the City of London

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East End Trades Guild meets Tower Hamlets Mayoral Candidates

THE EAST END TRADES GUILD general meeting was attended by Tower Hamlets Mayoral Candidates Wednesday May 7th.


John Biggs – Labour candidate and Chris Wilford from the Conservatives joined EETG members to discuss the priority issues affecting local

Crescent Trading

Crescent Trading, rising through fire to meet local and international customers

Crescent Trading “is a unique business, there is no one to match us, we are on our own. We have got the knowledge and the contacts to buy these

EETG The value that small businesses add to the economy

EETG The value that small businesses add to the economy ~ here are some fascinating and very important results from our recent members survey


In total there are 200 small businesses in the East End Trades Guild. Collectively,

What is the East End Trades Guild?

THE EAST END TRADES GUILD is a new co-operative of small independent traders working together in the interests of all proprietor-owned-and-run-businesses in the East End.

The catalyst for this initiative came two years ago when Spitalfieldsʼ oldest family business Gardnersʼ Market Sundriesmen, selling paper bags from the same building for over one hundred and forty years, was faced with a large rent increase sufficient to put them out of business. Such was the public outcry that the landlord relented, but the point was made that these small independents are the essence of the East End and they needed to band together to ensure their survival in these times of economic crisis and in the face of incursions by multiples.

Vital both to the local economy and to the life of community, it is the infinite variety of small traders that make the East End such an appealing destination, adding value to property and attracting other businesses. In the past, these truths have been ignored and exploited by landlords, their agents, big business and government. Speaking in unity, through THE EAST END TRADES GUILD, the traders are demanding recognition and asserting their central importance to the economy.