We are proud to have a collaborative culture and to work with likeminded organisations and people to achieve our aims.

We rely on our members dues to cover staff costs but some of our additional project expenses have come from external funders.

We highly value all our partners and supporters and assistance with advice and expertise as well as financial contributions. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to our work.  Particular thanks goes out to all the partners and supporters listed here:

Citizens UK
Far Nearer
Grunberg & Co
Hackney Council
Hazel Sheffield
Guardians of the Arches
GH Cityprint
James Brown
Jeremy Freedman
Laurie Sherman
Local Buyers Club
Matthews & Goodman Chartered Surveyors
Near Neighbours Fund
New Economics Foundation
Sarah Ainslie
Second Home London
Small Axe Communications
Splice Post
The Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
The Spitalfields Society
The Spitalfields Trust
Tower Hamlets Council
Waltham Forest Council
William Morris Big Local