Our mission is to bring together small and micro-enterprises that are the lifeblood of communities, enabling them to gain a powerful voice. We build influence from the bottom-up to support and sustain neighbourhoods that are increasingly left out of the wealth of London, enhancing economic resilience through bridging relationships and cultivating community wealth.

If you are self-employed, own a small (0-50 employees) or medium (50 - 250 employees) business or social enterprise and are interested to join our growing community, then please complete this membership application.

During this time of crisis, we will not turn anyone away who cannot afford to pay for membership. If you can afford to pay the minimum payment is currently £15 per month. If you can afford to pay more, then this will cover the costs of those who are unable to pay.

Our logo communicates that the Guild puts people and their communities before trade and profit. It’s what makes us different from other business groups and it’s why our work is vitally important. Before making your application please consider whether you can align yourself with our values and principles:

our diversity is our strength, our guild is open to people from all backgrounds, and to businesses from all sectors

through collective action on common interests our work generates solidarity, reciprocity and trust between members and the wider community

by working with like-minded organisations we grow strength for effective action on the issues that matter to our members

we strive to keep our promises – when we make mistakes (we're all human), we own up and say we're sorry

we think imaginatively to solve problems big and small

we are both ambitious and realistic. Our work is rooted in the broad base of our member's common interests, not in ideology or dogma.

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