Our next event is in just over two weeks on 28th March back at @signaturebrewe8. From 7 to 8.30. Have you registered yet? Register here.  All members of the EETG and Trades Guild CLT and their friends are welcome!

Thanks so much to everyone who made it down last time you really made it a special evening! And a big shout out to Ann Marie from @caribkitchen who sponsored the food for the evening, @giulianamajoyoga who got us all dancing at the end, and @rachelferriman who took beautiful photographs.

Now our manifesto is published (see bio) it’s time to pull together to make our Community Land Trust and Manifesto dreams a reality. If we don’t take collective action and responsibility for what we need to change it won’t happen and this rare moment, ripe with opportunity will disappear for good.

Thanks to our track record of building our people power together over the last decade, the London Elections offer us a unique opportunity to drive through the change we want to see.

The Guild is strictly non-partisan. We never tell people who do vote for, we enable people to be involved in democracy and help them to make informed choices. We want all our members and their customers to know where each candidate stands on our CLT, Social Value, Community Wealth and Relationship proposals in our manifesto for the next Mayor.

The voter registration deadline is on 16th April. The next event shares how we can proactively support our member’s and their customers to register to vote and to understand their collective people power to manifest our proposals.

If we want a better, healthier and more dignified democracy we all need to participate and lead the way about what we want that to look like.