Len Maloney to Record ‘STAND BY ME’ at Member Studio – Lightship 95!

Len Maloney to Record ‘STAND BY ME’ at Member Studio – Lightship 95!

With just two weeks left to find 18k we have been pulling out all the stops at Guild HQ. Huge thanks to all who made it through the storm to be aglow in the camaraderie of member solidarity at our social last week. Plans were hatched by Len from JC Motors to record the Ben E King classic ‘Stand by Me’ to draw attention to our Crowdfunding campaign! Rehearsals are taking place inside a neighbour’s arch over the next few days with a new EETG band that Len has pulled together with locals. The recording of the song will take place at Guild member Lightship 95, London’s floating studio! We will release a video of the song on social media in the final week of this campaign.

Here’s the link to chip into our campaign and help us #TakeHackneyArches into community ownership: https://bit.ly/TakeHackneyArches

All those who contribute to our crowdfunder before midnight on 1st December will be invited to a LIVE performance of Len singing ‘Stand by Me’  where we can all sing along. The date and venue are to be confirmed next week. 


“When the night has come

And the land is dark

And the moon is the only light we’ll see

No, I won’t be afraid

Oh, I won’t be afraid

Just as long as you stand

Stand by me” Ben E King. 

Let’s all stand by each other by taking these arches into community ownership. This way we can keep the distinctive character of the East End alive! When the community democratically decides what rent should be paid by JC Motors, Signature Brew E8 and TripSpace Yoga & Dance they can keep their prices down, employ more locals, pay living wages and focus on their commitment to their loyal customers!

This is about what kind of London we want to live in. By working together, we can stand up to big money, it’s not a fait accompli that big business shapes the destiny of our city. By working together as a community, we can choose the fate of the East End and keep hold of what we hold dear about our neighbourhood.


  1. Think of 3 people who would chip in a fiver or more and send them this link: bit.ly/TakeHackneyArches
  2. Think of one small business, social enterprise or self employed person who should join the Guild and send them this link: bit.ly/TakeHackneyArches
  3. Copy and paste this text an share in your WhatsApp groups;

Help keep the distinctive character of the East End alive! Extortionate rents are pushing out small local businesses. Community ownership of premises is the best solution to keep rent affordable so East London can always be a place where small independents can thrive. Please donate and share this initiative to take three Hackney Arches into community ownership. Together we can create permanent spaces in which to eat, play, shop, and be together #TakeHackneyArches: bit.ly/TakeHackneyArches

  1. Please share this infographic in your newsletters: