East End Independents’ day is coming soon!

On Friday 22nd April, small businesses from Columbia Road, Cheshire Street, Redchurch Street, Roman Road, Chatsworth Road and Spitalfields got together to catch up, share news and feed in to our crowdfunding plans for our new East End Independents’ Day initiative at the first EETG social gathering of 2016.

Similar to Record Store Day the aim is to champion the kaleidoscopic diversity of all the small independent businesses that give the East End its distinctive identity. Small and micro businesses employ local people, pay their taxes, and are rooted in the social fabric of our neighbourhoods. Many of them take on social and community responsibilities to support local residents.

We’re working with Herb Lester and James Brown to produce a map so that the discerning customer knows exactly where to spend their money where it counts the most. We will curate walking tours and events on Independents’ Day for the general public to learn more about the amazing stories behind these brave entrepreneurs and the local knowledge, heritage, craftsmanship, expertise, and creativity they possess.

The brilliant photographer and film maker Simon Mooney is on hand, helping us put together a film to support our IndieGoGo campaign. Since our get together in April we’ve been busy making the film and collecting exclusive perks and experiential activities from some of our much loved early supporters. We have an array of uniquely special items and experiences from Nelly Duff, Tatty Devine, James Brown, Ally Capellino, Spitalfields Farm, Lily Vanilli, Milagros and the Gentle Author.

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