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Collins, Benson & Goldhill Team by Sarah Ainslie

Throughout the last decade, members of the Guild have continually told us that their rent has been the most pressing problem. Surrounding the issue is the complex area of commercial property law. If small business owners do not carry out their own thorough research this could lead to problems and put them at a disadvantage. This can be overwhelming and isolating.

The Guild has found it challenging to find partners with commercial property law expertise who also have the relational skills to match. Not having the experience to unpick commercial leases or the confidence to negotiate with landlords during a time of hardship can be incredibly distressing, especially when your livelihood is at risk. Therefore, humanity, compassion and empathy are as important as a comprehensive understanding of a niche area of law and being able to explain it in layman’s terms.

CBG Law is a firm we have worked with over the past years and have the required skills having been recommended by member, Shamil Joomun, from Armstrong Audio. Members have benefitted from the skills of Senior Litigation Partner Mark Brassey who has given his time to many people as part of our RENTCHECK events and the free 15-minute surgeries we offer as part of the programme for members.

All our sponsors are small or medium-sized businesses which are service providers and have been recommended by Guild members. Here’s what members say about CBG Law;

“Mark and CBG Law were invaluable in helping navigate through all the legalities of ending one commercial lease and starting another. They removed all the stress and we really felt that our best interests were at the heart of the service they delivered.” Wendy Klerk, TCO London.

“As the owner of a wool shop, I know a lot about yarn and knitting, but not so much about property law. Meanwhile, outcomes regarding my rent and tenancy arrangements can make the difference between floating, swimming or sinking. Being able to get advice from CBG Law was incredibly helpful. Mark took me and my situation seriously. He explained the terms of my lease in plain English and was able to give me clear guidance about possible next steps with my landlord. Knowing that there is legal advice available from people like Mark is so reassuring!” Anna Feldman, Wild and Woolly.

“We hosted CBG Law at our shop 4Cose in Vyner Street invited by EETG with a group of other Guild members in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their introductory talk was very interesting and gave us all a good sense of the potential for legal language and approaches to problems we all encounter. A rare and direct presentation of facts. CGB Law seemed very up-to-date with the wider issues and decisions made at the local and central government levels. We all felt empowered by the presentation.” Charlotte Cullinan, 4COSE.

Read more about CBG Law and find out what makes them exceptional in what they do. Please consider using their services so they can continue to support our members!

What is the story of CBG law, and how did it all begin?

We were founded on 1 November 1989. In the beginning, the work that we undertook was entrenched in Commercial Property. CBG Law has stayed true to its roots, remaining in the heart of the West End of London, a traditional place for Property Law Firms.

CBG Law were fortunate to be able to develop strong client relationships, not only on the Commercial Property side but also on the Hospitality and Residential side, where we have continued to flourish. Over the years, CBG have continued to steadily progress and we are always keen to provide a close personal service.  In November 2007, CBG welcomed our Managing Partner, Sammi Hsu, who has continually developed the practice’s Commercial Property department, acquiring a strong reputation in this field. In July 2020, the Firm successfully enticed head of Litigation Mark Brassey to join, bringing with him a wealth of litigation experience and enabling him to develop an outstanding litigation team, with vast knowledge in all aspects of property litigation. CBG is looking forward to the next stage of its journey with great excitement.

Why did CBG become a partner of the Guild?

We became a partner of the Guild because we have so much in common, especially in terms of our values and ethos. We are experts in commercial and residential property law with a focus on Central London including the East End. We have acted for a variety of landlords and tenants specialising in the retail and hospitality sector. We can therefore help members with their various property problems. We welcome the opportunity to continue to partner with and support the Guild in helping its members. We attend various events offering free one-to-one sessions and are always happy to speak to members and help with their legal issues.

What has been the most valuable aspect of the Guild partnership for you since you started working with us?

The most valuable aspect of the Guild Partnership for us is the reciprocity that comes with being a member of the Guild. We have been fortunate to start working with a number of members of the Guild with their property cases and have had good results. We have also enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the East End and attend the various events, especially the summer brewery crawl last year. This was a good opportunity to meet with members and understand the various challenges that businesses are facing.

How can CBG Law support our members? Why should they work with you?

CBG can support the Guild’s members on a variety of property and dispute resolution matters. Mark Brassey, head of the Litigation department has wide-ranging experiences that have helped a many of the Guild’s members in the past. Mark uses this experience, together with the rest of the department, to deliver concise and easy-to-understand legal advice, often distilling complex legal ideas into plain English. Sammi Hsu heads up the Commercial Property team and is widely regarded as a leading expert in the restaurant and leisure sector. Members should work with CBG as we have the expertise to help with their legal problems. We offer straightforward advice at competitive rates and are always happy to have an initial discussion without charge.

What do you want people to know about CBG right now? Is there anything coming up, areas of law that affects small businesses?

CBG is growing with new lawyers joining the ever-expanding team, adding strength and depth to the existing firm. Legislation is continually evolving and we keep on top of those changes ready to provide updates to members in this rapidly changing environment.

In the last year, Coronavirus has dominated the agenda with the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022 providing new rules and regulations for lawyers to become familiar with. The courts have been busy with many new cases being reported. The very recent case of Guest v Guest in the Supreme Court has given further guidance in relation to the doctrine of proprietary estoppel. This is an important case that lawyers are going to be digesting in the next few months. There are changes coming in relation to EPC certificates that property owners should be aware of – especially due to the fines which will be applied for non-compliance.