Together we hit our 30k target yesterday with 7 hours to spare! We can’t stop saying THANK YOU to EVERYONE who is supporting our endeavour to set up a Trades Guild Community Land Trust that will keep small businesses providing social value safe forever! A special thank you to the small businesses and individuals who sponsor us with £500 or more. Times are tough so we deeply appreciate this and all support.

InSpitalfields is both a sponsor and a founding member. Those of you who are old enough may remember when Spitalfields Market was thriving with small indies, it was an exciting place to visit. Sadly due to rent rises, this once distinctive destination has fallen foul to the homogenisation of our high streets. It is testament to the fortitude of business owners Fiona and Mahmood to have continued for 30 yrs serving locals and visitors with beautiful and distinctive gifts and homewares.

Look for the EETG sticker in the windows of East London businesses and make a conscious consumer choice by spending your money with your neighbours and any small business. Don’t underestimate your consumer power!

Top 5 reasons to #shopindependent this Christmas and always;

1. For community wealth: Research has shown that up to 70p of every £1 spent goes back into the local economy compared to 40p from big biz

2. It’s environmentally friendly: Members have localised supply chains and buy only what they need, local shops and other biz have fewer food miles and a smaller carbon footprint. When you buy from a local butchers or farm shop, that produce usually has a short ‘field-to-fork’ journey. It’s also likely to have less plastic packaging.

3. Sustainable, beautiful value for money: Products are built to last and not for the landfill, these products will delight a recipient because they won’t have seen it on every high street.

4. Support local employment: #SmallBiz provide 61% of all employment in the UK often pay better wages with more caring workplaces. Many members are accredited @livingwagefoundation employers.

5. Feel the love: from the care, attention and pride that goes into human scale enterprise. Our members are small enough to know and care about all their employees, suppliers and customers. It is personal because it is small business.