Urgent Letter from Len Maloney to Sadiq Khan! #StandWithLen

Urgent Letter from Len Maloney to Sadiq Khan!  

Transport for London has told Len from JC Motors in Hackney that he must make the decision by this Friday 9th June to leave his arch for good or face bankruptcy.

{CLICK HERE} to add your name as a signatory to his letter to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan calling for a meeting. With your help gathering enough signatories, we hope the Mayor of London will intervene to find a sustainable solution to keep Len in his arch in Hackney. The people have the power! #StandWithLen

UPDATE 10th JUNE: The momentum you are building with Len is working and drawing media attention. Len was on ITV News yesterday! You can watch the video here

We have over 2,000 signatories can you help us get to 3,000 by names by Monday? Londoners are Sadiq Khan’s constituents, he has to listen to you. Let’s demonstrate just how many Londoners stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Len. Please share this link: bit.ly/standwithlen 


Photo credit Sarah Ainslie for Spitalfields Life

Dear Sadiq Khan,

My Name is Len Maloney, I run a motor repair specialist called JC Motors in Hackney. I am a long-term and active member of the East End Trades Guild. We spoke just before the pandemic in Battersea at the People’s Question time in 2020 where you agreed that the issue of affordable rent is one of the biggest issues facing small businesses in London. 

I remember that day and the feeling of hope that I had from your response so I am called to write to you now to ask for your support.  TfL is demanding that I pay £70,000 in rent arrears because they tripled my rent in 2018. If I do not pay this amount in total, TfL expects me to vacate my arch and leave Hackney.

I have been providing work opportunities and apprenticeships to young people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds since 2006. Often these young people were losing their way before they found my business,  they were misunderstood at school and needed a mentor to support them.

It was the same for me before I wandered into JC Motors in the late 90s. Then run by Mr Chee, after learning my trade from him, my mentor eventually helped me to take over the business and develop the tradition of supporting young marginalised people into jobs that they desperately need.

As well as supporting young people and locals through my business, together with other Guild members, I played an important role in establishing Guardians of the Arches and I am currently active within the Guild’s Cultural Group. This is an internal group of the EETG run by and for black and ethnic minority-owned businesses and social enterprises. I support others to gain access to spaces in London such as our monthly market on Mare Street on the first Sunday of each month. 

It is my dream to continue to use the arch on Stean Street for the benefit of local young people and my community in Hackney. My garage has thousands of customers old and young. I keep their cars running efficiently for longer, helping to keep down emissions and the need to buy new cars. During the pandemic, as an essential service, I kept the doctor’s and nurses vehicles running. The importance of my socially and environmentally useful service is often overlooked by TfL who seem to want to make a profit at any cost. 

Tragically in 2017, that cost was the human life of my neighbour Richard Hassan who shot himself aged 68 in part due to the huge rental increase demanded by TfL from £36,000 to 72,000. I was expected to go from £22,000 to £72,000. We were both asked to pay up or move out. Journalist Hazel Sheffield made a film about the situation together with the Guild. 

I rallied my community and set up a petition to save my business calling on TfL to create affordable rents. Seven years later there is still no affordable rent policy in place from TfL and we are right back where we started. 

My counter-proposal is based on the reality of my business and what I can actually afford. TfL has told me mine is the only garage with arrears and that they cannot treat people differently from each other. I have spoken to the only TfL Garage now left in Haggerston. M Brothers is a family-run mechanic. Sadly, the Father of the family died during the pandemic and the two sons have taken over the business so they can look after their disabled windowed Mother. 

TfL also threatened M Brothers with legal action after they could not afford the rent increase. So without any money in the bank, their Mother who has had four hip replacements and who is on disability benefits took out a loan in her name to pay off the arrears. The way people in Hackney are suffering is wrong. All of my neighbours say they are struggling to pay the rent that TfL is asking for now. How can TfL justify its policy to maximise profits at the cost of damaging small businesses, their families and their communities?

As Mayor of London, myself and all the people who will sign this letter in the coming days and weeks ask that you meet with me and representatives of the East End Trades Guild to solve this problem once and for all. 

We look forward to hearing from you,

Len Maloney JC Motors LDM, EETG

Len Maloney (third from right) with his colleagues at JC Motors in Haggerston (photo credit: Sarah Ainslie)
Fellow member Rob Ryan and Len by Jeremy Freedman.
Len’s apprentices give testimony at our event about the importance of the opportunity Len provides them photo by Jeremy Freedman.
Guild members applaud Len and his apprentices by Jeremy Freedman..
Leonard Maloney and friend by Jeremy Freedman.
Len Maloney, Meg Hillier MP for Hackney, John Biggs, EETG member Sarah Haque deliver our 10,000 string business rates petition to number 10 by Sarah Ainslee.
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Jacqui carr
Jacqui Dillon Local resident.
Jacqui Ferns
Jacynthe Roesch
Jade Daubney
Jaime Balbontin Serendipity Rabbitpaw
Jaime Keeble
James Bacchus
James Balston James Balston Photography
James butler
James Jackson
James Mayne
James Middleton
James penfold Capital consignments ltd
James penfold Capital consignments ltd
James smith
James Sutton
Jamie Brown Jamie Brown Studio
Jamie caprice
Jamie Laville
Jamie McCarthy Jamie McCarthy Musician / Composer
Jamie Nichols
Jamie Nichols
Jamison Young
Jan Hale Registered Nurse
Jan Savage Local resident
Jan Tramunto Self-employed
Jane Annesley
Jane Bassett
Jane Berry
Jane Clossick London Metropolitan University
Jane Craigie-Payne
Jane Ewart
Jane Gardner Gardners
Jane Jones part-time homeworker
Jane Kilbey N/a
Jane Pearce
Jane Pearce
Jane Ripley
Jane Rose
Janet Bancroft
London resident who values reliable small local businesses
Janet Brooke
Janet Donnelly
janet wooden private resident
Janette Tabanor MyBusiness
Janette Tabanor Criminal Justice System
Janette Tabanor Criminal Justice System
Janette Tabanor Criminal Justice System
Janice Craddock Inspire-ebp
Janice Wood
Jasia Szerszynska Jasia Szerszynska
Jasmine Darby
Jason Nichol
Jasper Corbett
Jean Russo
Jeanette Goulbourn
Jeanette Goulbourn
Jeanette Goulbourn
jeanette savery
Jeannie Lowen
Jeff Lawlor
Jeffrey Gwyn Hughes CC (Concerned Citizen)
jen fenzi
Jenna Fansa Local Buyers Club
Jenna Whelan
Jennie Cassidy
Jennie Long Individual
Jennie Welch
Jennifer Flavell
Jennifer Gwiazdowski London Bike Kitchen
Jennifer Lewandowski
jennifer moseley Wood Street Bakery
Jenny Bernard Hackney resident
Jenny Kingston
Jenny Lewis photographer
Jenny Linford
Jenny Pressburg
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Hornsby Writer
Jeremy Rosen North London Private Hire
Jeremy Sancha Self employed
Jeremy Wilson
Jerome Batson Longstanding customer
Jerome Batson longstanding customer
Jerome Batson longstanding customer
Jess Cooper Retired teacher
Jess S
Jesse Nicholls Barrister
Jessica Braithwaite
Jessica Darling Pathways Trust
Jessica James Customer
Jessica Paver Inspire
Jessica Sklair QMUL
Jessica Sutton
Jide Agbalaya SEGA
Jill Mead Photographer
Jill Wilson Jill Wilson design
Jillian Jacobs
Jim Boddington
Jim Brown Jim Brown Blog
Jimmy Frederick concerned customer
Jimmy Frederick concerned customer
Jj Ellis
Jo Caird
Jo Hilton
Jo Nightingale
Jo O’Brien
Joan Dawson
Joan Gray Resident
Joan pople-tooth
Joanna Bacon
Joanna Goldsmid Earthwhisperer Outdoor Learning
Joanne mister
Jock McFadyen
Jody oNeill Curam
Joe Broan ABM Electrical Maintenance Ltd
Joe Earle
Joe Edwards
Joe Flannery
Joe McCarthy
Joe Mercer Signature Brew Haggerston
Joe Sarratt Hoxton Spirits
Joe Sharpe Zhero
Joe Tansey
Joel Cummings
Joel Currie
Joff Wilson
Johanna Novales
Johanna Novales
Johanna Pearson The Crown and Co
Johanna Schweer
Johanna Whitehead
Johannes Grimmond
john clark none
John Clark
John Cunningham Private Individual
John Evans
John Flood
John Grimsey
John Holt
John Howard
John mcnally Kardi fleet solutions
John Pakington
John Prince Resident
John Reeve Retired
John Shepherd
John Simmons Set Builder
John Sprange JSCD
John Srivastava
Local resident and grateful customer of JC Motors!!
John Srivastava
Local resident and grateful customer of JC Motors!!
Johnny Johnson Interior design
Jomard kurdi
Jon Fenwick Fenwick Autos
Jon Pyle Resilient Edge Architecture Ltd
Jonathan Bircumshaw
Jonathan Carrasco
Jonathan Christie Local repeat customer
Jonathan Forbes Self employed
Jonathan Hart RealisingRights
Jonathan Kinnersley
Jonathan Paige
Jonathan Reekie
Jonny Dawe
Jonny Warren
Jordan Thatcher Photographer
Jordy de Boer
Joseph Bettell Guardians of Safety Ltd
Joseph Thomas
Josephine Butler
Josephine McGlynn
Josephine Thwaites Chartered Building Surveyor
Josh Hawkesworth
Josh Schouten
Joshua Ajibade Inspire! Education Business Partnership
Joshua Stone-Hall
Joshua Vanloo Flowsmart Ltd
Josie fuller
Joss Southcombe Harmony Hall / CREST Waltham Forest
Juana Campos
Jude Bloomfield resident
Judith Shipmam
Judy breese
Judy Debenham None
Judy Dorée
Judy Greenway
Judy Pulley
Jules M
Julia Bindman
Julia Fleminger
Julia Hornig Private
Julia Meadows
Julia Stone
Julia Ventsikova Tonkotsu
Julian Bowers-Brown
Julian Loxton Elbow Creative Ltd
Julian Macqueen
Julian Moseley
Julie A Local Travel Agent
Julie Baines
Julie Bond
Julie cooke
Julie Dixon
Julie Higgins Rebel Alchemy
Julie Osborne
Juliet Formby
Juliet Hardwicke Juliet Hardwicke Design
Juliet Quintero Dallas Pierce Quintero
Juliette Tuke Milagros
June Tuitt
June Wardle-Harpur Member of the public
Justin Coldwell Lady MORE charitable trust
Justin Sayer Eric Parry Architects
Justina forristal
Justine Ellis Justine EllisDFesigns
K Katbamna
Kalle Meyer
Kara Johnson
Karen None
Karen Brookes
Karen Greene
Karen Greenwood
Karen Harris
Karen Hearne
Karen Howell Museum Curator
Karen Tanguy
Karl Bielik Terrace Studios
Karl Rees
Kate Amis Qmul
kate ash dominic ash ltd
Kate Booth
Kate Brook
Kate Clark
Kate Cohen
Kate Cornwell
Kate Coulter Fossils London Ltd
Kate Evenden Kate Evenden Ltd
Kate Goodrich Kate Goodrich Studio
Kate Harris Arch 35
Kate Highton NHS doctor, Stratford
Kate Hodkinson
Kate Hoggard
Kate Hudson
Kate Jewitt
kate madelin Bigger Bang Communications
Kate Matlock
Kate Pentol
Kate Peters Kate Peters Photography
Kate Poland
Kate Pratt
Kate Rogers Kate Rogers
Kate Sessions
Kate Spencer
Kate Woodhead N/A
Katharina Eisenkoeck
Katharina Gruber
Katharine Tolladay-Grime
katherine Clarke muf architecture art
Katherine Lockwood The Spence Bakery
Katherine Scott
Katherine Thomson
Kathleen Benjamin
Kathleen McCarthy
Kathryn Johnson Hackney North Labour Party
Kathryn L
Kathy Darby
Kathy Taylor
Kathy Wiggan
Katie Fedorec
Katie James
Katie S
Katie Tucker
Katie Wilson
Katieca Howard
Katrina Howard-Brown Long term custome local resident
Kay Frankland
Kay keane
Kay Richardson Sole Trader
Keith Hagan
Keith Hainge Retired
Keith Jones n/a
Keith McCrindle
Kelley waller
Kelly Kent
Ken Ward
Ken yamada Tonkotsu ltd
Keren McConnell McConnell Design
Kerry McClelland
Kevin Jones NuDawn Cici
Kevin McDermott Local resident
Kevin McSean
kevin Powell Physiotherapsit
Kim Bysouth Customer
Kim Edwards None
Kim Sully Pretty Green Vintage
Kimberley Watson
Kindall Payne Move with Kindall
kirk hendry Media
kling kling kling kling
Koby Heal
Korr Wilson’s Green
Kris Public
Krissie Nicolson EETG
Kristal Bayliss
Krystal Law
Krystal Maxime
Kveta Murdychova
Kyahni Customer
Kyle Thomas
L McDonald
L McDonald
L’Hachemi Laghouati Raysam’s barbers
Laia Ventura Laia Ventura Decor
Larry Doe
Larry Doe.
laura bird in the hand
Laura Carr
Laura carroll
Laura Ferriman
Laura Gowing
LAURA Katesmark
Laura Muldoon
Laura Ruth Gaffron Translator
Laura Williamson
Laura Willows
Lauren YH
Lauren Bishop Vranch
Lauren Davies HEKA
Lauren dutton
Lauren Johns The Three Compasses
Laurence Braithwaite
Laurian Davies MBE
Laurie Brandon
Laurie Elks
Lea Gratch Private individual
Lee Maryin
Lee Maynard
Lee Reeves Mbrothers mot and auto services ltd
Lee Reeves Mbrothers mot and auto services ltd
Lee Thomson Local Resident
leigh barss
leigh barss
Leigh Lawson Retired
Leila Dansie Munchbreaks
Len Guy Spanners
Lena knarr
Leo Armenta Butt NA
Leo wood Kinder design ltd
Leonor Zozaya-Montes ULPGC
Leroy Pitter Retired
Leroy Pitter retired
Leroy Pitter retired
Lesley Banks
Lesley Lake
Lesley Walton
Letitia D
Lewis chenery Bouygues
Lex Kearney
Leyre Guezala de Mier Dance the Curriculum
Liam Tarpey
Libby Fry
Lillian Wilkie Aperture
Lillis Cross
Linda Delgaty
Linda Docherty
Linda ha Customer
linda johansson Meta London
Linda Mitchell
Linda Moore
Linda Souto Maior Usual Objections
Linda Wilkinson Author
Lindsey Garrett Nhs
Lisa Axbey
Lisa Bloom Hackney Resident
Lisa Maynarf
Lisa Nhan N/A
Lisa Skeggs (individual)
Lisa Vandy Now Ware
Lisa Willsher
Liz Dobson
Liz Fewings Retired teacher
Liz Hughes
Liz Philipson
Liza Fior Muf architecture / art LLP
Lizzie Thorne Lizzie Thorne Flowers
Lizzy Fleming Made From Scratch Ltd
Lois Darlington
Lois Higgins
Lola Lawson Lola Lawson
Loraine McClean Private individual
Lorna Douglas Committee of Taste
Lorna Singh Private
Lorna Solomon
Lorraine Clarke
Lorraine Hutchings
Lorraine Job
Lorraine Simmonds A&P Partners Ltd
Lotte Dawson
Lotten Holmqvist
Louise Abela
Louise Abela
Louise Balaam
Louise James
Louise Melchior
Louise Payne NHS
Louise price
Louise Turner Flock
Louise Wade
Louise Williams None
Luana Asiata Luana Asiata
Luana Rosa
Luca ponticelli
Lucas Daglish
Lucas sava
Mbrothers mot is the best in Hackney and east end
Lucia Santirso
Lucie ashworth
Lucie Hogger
Lucie Hogger
Lucie mcgovern Dollys bar
Lucie Rowan
Lucille Power N/A
lucinda de jasay resident
Lucinda Douglas-Menzies Douglas-Menzies Photographer
Lucy Green
Lucy Harland
Lucy Hornberger
Lucy Porter Brinkworth
Lucy Robinson
Lucy Rogers
Luke Hippolyte Stooki
Luke Thomson
Luyi Brown
Luyi Brown
Lynda Stubbs
Lynn Begany
Lynn kinnear Kinnear landscape architects
Lynne Pepper
M Fernandez-Barham
M Joseph
M Rees Roberts
M Ruby SIddiqui
M Tristram
Madalena Tavares Ferreira Clemente
Maddy Read Clarke
Mae cuthbertson
Mahima Khurana
Mahta Yasseri Maygrove Dental Practice
Mahumut Akin Mbrothers mot and auto services ltd
Mai Ihara
Maighréad Neligan Haggerston resident
Maija Viksne
Malcolm Stuart
Mali davies
Malin Dyer
Mandy Mitchell
Manick Govinda
Manjit kaur
Manu Roig
Marc Brown Moorfields Eye hospital Pharmacy department
Marcia cooper House of vintage uk Ltd.
Marcia Oughton
Marcy Cox
Marga Burgui-Artajo Marga Burgui-Artajo
Margaret Asare Eye London Opticians
Margaret Brook
Margaret Lipscombe
Margaret Pascoe
Margaret Shea Resident
Margarita Cardoso de Meneses
Maria Duncalf
Maria Konder Artist
Maria Stavrides
Maria Stefano Stefano Design
Mariama missamri
Marian Davis
Marianna Cascone Individual
Marie Doyen
Marie Mason
Marie Middleton
Marie Wood
Marie-Anne Knight
Marina Requena Barber
Mario Bassett
Marion Clinton
Marion Prickett
Mariyam Bhaimia
Mark Betts Urban Eden Landscaping
Mark Dressekie Woodstock Motors
Mark Gee
Mark Hudson
Mark Swanton
Mark Whitman Mbrothers mot & Autoservices Ltd
Marsha Good folk
Marta Hebda
Marta jasinska
Marta Zaccagnini
Martha Clark N/A
Martha D
Martha Freud
Martha Gardiner
Martha Hanks N/A
Martha Spurrier Lawyer
Martin adams
Martin Cook
Martin Darling Private customer of JC Motors
Martin Darling private customer of JC Motors
Martin Goodrich Artist
Martin Ling Private
Martin Phelps martinphelps.com
Martin Phipps Mearl Music
Martin Redif Redifirst ltd
Martin Roberts
Martin Rogers
Martin Rogers
Martin Shiels
Martin Togher
Martin Warner Join Social Care ltd
Martin Wilkins
Martin Wilson
Mary Duggan
Mary Gilchrist
Mary Halter Local resident
Mary Jay
Mary Laiuppa private citizen
Mary Millner 5aPrioryGrove
Mary Purcell Granny
Mary Scott
mary scott
Maslah Ahmed
Mat Barnes CAN
Mathilde leblond
Mathilde Rikner
Mats Bjornsen
Matt Bishop N/A
Matt Booth
Matt Fargher
Matt Hanrahan
Matt James
Matt Myatt Matthew Myatt
Matt Roikonen
Matt Summers-Sprks
Matthew Adams Adams Antiques Fairs
Matthew Burn
Matthew Goulcher
Matthew Hart
Matthew Thomas Customer
Matthew Valley
Matthew Ward The Tower of Stars
Maurice Joy
Maurice Nyman
Max Cygnaeus Ljungqvist
Max Oberwegner
Max Reeves Max Reeves
Maxine gee
Maxine Nwokeji
Meesh Nah Freelance
Meeta Solanki Smd & Me ltd
meg flight
Meg Howarth Retired writer
Megan lomax
Mehmet Erkant Mbrothers MOT and Autoservices ltd
Mel Sassa Fresh Collection
Melanie Rhodes
Melanie Bryan
Melanie Martin
Melanie Ried
Melinda Koenig
Melissa Herman
Melissa Hogan
Melissa Needham Black Truffle
Merril David
Merril David
Merry Patel
Meyrem Erkant Mbrothers mot and auto services ltd
Michael Ashcroft
Michael Brett Non business private person
Michael Caines Times Literary Supplement
Michael croton
Michael Davies
Michael Goldstein Bus driver
Michael Gornall Illustrator
Michael Guida
Michael Hampton Retired
Michael Harkins
Michael Heindorff Orchard Times Publishing Ltd
Michael Holden
Michael Hunter Totallyfictitious
Michael Lawson
Michael Orwicz teacher
Michael Pallett
Michael scantlebury Local Resident
Michael Skeete
Michael Tolladay-Grime
Michael Williams MOW
Michael Woolcott Loyal customer
Michele Dee
Michelle Balcombe
Michelle Jayman
Michelle Jayman
Michelle Newman
Michelle Nicholls
Michelle Woolfenden
Mick Botten Work for Herefordshire Council
Micky Walsh
Mike Hardy Ambthair Services Ltd.
Mike Sangster
Mike Simons Client of JC Motors
Mike Statham
Mikulas JC Motors Work Experience
Milena Dragicevic
Milo Bell
Milton Bevan
Milton Rhoden JC motors
Mira Sovakar n/a
Miranda Pope
Miranda Russell
Miss Walrond
MJ Wallis none
Mo Riach
Mohammad Ali
Monica Houghton
Montserrat Ventura-Ponsa TRIP IDEAS CIC
Morag Cuthbert Independent
Morag Cuthbert Independent
Morgan McManus-Lee
Mr Ronald Foley The business hair studio UK Ltd
Mrs J Gascoigne
Mrs Penelope Darby
Mrs Samantha Vine
Mustafa İocai business customer
Mustafa almeder Mbrothers mot and Autoservices Ltd
Mustafa almeder Mbrothers mot and Autoservices Ltd
Mustafa Erkant Mbrothers mot and auto service ltd
Myles Maloney
Myles Maloney
Myriam N/A
Nadia A Stööki
Nadine Nyapadi
Nadja lavin Nadja lavin
Nafisa Tosh Nafisa Tosh Studio
Naomi Lehane
Naomi Ter-berg
Narindar Singh Mohan’s Food and Wine
Nat Augustin
Nat Figueroa
Nat Harrison Ayama Coaching
Natalia May Private
Natalie Cooke
Natalie Goulet
Natalie Koch
Natalie Koffman Revive Health
Natalie Mcvitie
Natalie Tubeileh-Hall
Natalie Wisdom
Natalya Dragicevic
Natasha Hayes
Natasha Hope
Natasha Ryan Lifelong resident
Neil Ashman Royal London Hospital
Neil forster The E Type Lab
Neil Keld burnell Phoenix school
Neil Payne
Neil Phillips
Neil Poole
Neville Simpson Local Long time Customer
Nia Davies
Niall Dixon-Payne Senior Energy Engineer
Niamh Dinan
Nic Boothby France Televisions
Nic Lee
Nichelle kelleher Nichelle92
Nichola Schild
Nicholas horsey
Nicholas Pope Nick Pope Photography
Nicholas Rouillard Nicholas Rouillard
Nicholas Stevens
Nick bailey
Nick Garrett
Nick Higham
Nick Roberts Brinkworth
Nick schofield
Nicky Inspire Education Business Partnership
Nicky Dhamu
Nicky Gibson NickyGibsonDesign
Nicky Goodman
Nicky Parker
Nicola Bassil
Nicola davison reed NDR
Nicola Hammond
Nicola Hilliard
Nicola Mumford
Nicola Mumford
Nicola Mumford
Nicola mutale
Nicola Samson
Nicolas Carr-Forster
Nicole Itano Customer of JC motors
Nigel Gomeze
Nigussie asrress Long term JC Motors Customer
Nik Dean
Nikki Barton
Nikki Collins Local resident
Nils Norman Dismalgarden
Nimisha Tanna
Niyi A Social Work
Norman Hazell
Norman Willson Retired
O george
O M Temple Company Director
Oliver Tindall Set Builder
Oliver Watson Private
Olivia Power
Olivia waithe
Ollie King Zhero Logistics Ltd
Oscar Leyens
Owen Hubbard
Owen Matthews Ten4 Design
Owen Ramsa
Ozzie Long term customer of Jc motors local resident
Ozzie Long term customer of Jc motors local resident
P finch Jc motors
P M Temple Redcase Limited
Pamela Daniels
Parisa Zarringhalam
Pat Quigley Customer
Patricia Fullalove J Motors of Haggerston
Patricia Marsh
Patricia Michelson
Patricia Schaffenburg
Patricia sims
Patrick Bevington
Patrick Bevington
Patrick Corrigan
Patrick Driscall N/A
Patrick Miller
Patrick Moir
Patrizia Sottile Urban Upholstery Limited
Paul Allert
Paul Allert
Paul Anghinetti
Paul Callaghan
Paul campbell None
Paul Chatterton
Paul Cooke
Paul coster Prestige autocare
Paul Cousins
Paul Ellerker
Paul Gardner Gardners Bags
Paul Giggal
Paul Harter Glowinthedark Ltd
Paul J
Paul Johnson Retired
Paul Loften None
paul marshall retired teacher
Paul Phillips Retired
Paul Reynolds Tapestry
Paul Seagrove
Paul Sladen
Paul Stanley
Paul Tucker
Paul Waldmann Paul Waldmann Woodwork
Paul Watkins
Paula Bodington
Paula Ekenger
Paulina Moreno Len Maloney, JC Motors in Hackney
Pauline Barnes
Pauline Fisher
Pauline Hall
Pauline Jobson
Pauline Starley
Pearl Phipps
Penelope Klein
Penny Cuthbert
Penny Machin
Penny Topsom
Penny Tyas
Penny Tyas
Pet Chambers
Pet Chambers
Peta Sheahan The Little Hair Kitchen
Pete Bennett
Pete Jessett
Pete Mills Smart Response Media Limited
Pete Skingle
Pete Wood
Peter Ashworth
Peter Culling Peter Culling
Peter Dexter
Peter Fell
Peter Hatfield
Peter J Washington Vital energy Kings Cross Energy Centre
Peter Mumford
Peter Mumford
Peter Mumford
Peter Parker Freelance writer
Peter Shattock GSA
Peter Tucker
Petra Pavlaskova
Phil Cox Native Voice Films Ltd
Phil Jarvis
Philip Barrass
Philip Borel
Philip Johnson
Philip Kemp
Philip Mernick
Philip Smith Biff Studio
Phillip Lloyd
Phoebe Ballantyne-Brown
Phoebe Hubbard Lady Lucie Latex
Phylip Statner
Pia G Willams Nurse
Pieala Artist
Ping Henningham
Ping Kong Li n/a
Piotr Jarosz I make books ltd
Piyanuch Chaimahawong
Polly b Grylls
Polly Billington Hackney Council
Polly Richards Polly Richards
Ppaul Cooke Christian Worker long term costimer
Ppaul Cooke Christian Worker long term costimer
Pratik Patel Cardonet
Priscilla Worley
Professor Lavinia Greenlaw customer of Len’s
Professor Miles Ogborn
Prue Bond
R G Leatham
R.Sittisan Artofcomfort
Rachel Yodomo
Rachel bynoe
Rachel Downey
Rachel Ferriman
Rachel Fleminger Hudson
Rachel Payne
Rachel Seoighe University of Kent
Rachel Sims WerkHaus
Rachel Thorlby
Rachel Young
Radwan khan
Ragnhild Furuseth Studio Lupine
Rahim Khan
Ramesh Singh Worker
Ramesh Singh Worker
Rana Fadavi
Ray Blackburn
Ray Murphy Budget Carpets
Rebecca Couper N/A
Rebecca del Tufo
Rebecca Porteous
Rebecca Reidy
Rebecca whitelaw
Rebecca Wilson University College London
Rebekah Shaw
Reda Grigaraviciute
Reginald Shumba
Remi Akintunde Not applicable
Remo Mongiat Dalston Resident
Renee So So-Noonan Ltd
Rheanna Lingham Luna & Curious
Rhiannon Edwards
Rhod Davies
Rhona Pyrke Occupational therapist
Ria Patel
Rianne Surayah
Riccardo Cumerlato
Rich Humphreys Publishing
Rich yeo N/a
Richard Barnes
Richard Betts CKBG
Richard Dennison Private
Richard Dixon-Payne
Richard Drew
Richard Eteson Richard Eteson
Richard Holt
Richard Ince James Ince & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd
Richard Ironside Richard’s
Richard Jarrett
Richard Kinning
Richard Morrell Morrell and Bert
Richard scollard
Richard Yoder
Ricky payne Electrician
River Muzas Ford
Rob Babar
Rob Gardner Gardners Bags
Rob Polley Local resident
Rob Tinker N/a
Robert Carnwath Retired
Robert Cassels
Robert Douglas
Robert Pendlebury Picturascope
Robert Sugden
Robert Ziegler
Robin Greeley teacher
Robin Myerscough-Walker Customer
Robin Nataf
Robin Pailler
Robyn Simms Square Root
Robyn Stone Robyn’s Gardening Services
Rod Nicolson
Roelof Dekker Mediakls Ltd
Roger Gibson
Roger Hartley Bureau Of Silly Ideas
Rolston Lecointe UCT Ltd
Roman Heindorff
Ronald Foley The business hair studio UK Ltd
Ronald winter
Roni Cummings
Ronny Nicholas
Rory ONeill
Rosamund Saunders
Rosanna Terberg
Rose fraser
Rose Mulryan
rose ratcliffe butlers emporium
Rosemary Braithwaite
Employment Engagement Officer London Borough of Islington
Rosemary Crook
Rosemary More
Rosie Bendandi
Rosie Roberts
Rosie Satnarine
rosie strickland rosie strickland design
Rosie wesemann The Scolt Head
Rosie Wolfenden MBE Tatty Devine
Ross Auchterlonie Tps
Rowena Ritchie
Roxane Gilbert
Roxy Silver
Roy Lonergan Ulpian Innovations
Roy Mowatt
Ruby Bell
Rui camara Madeira Autos
Rumen Rusev
Rupert Smythe
Ruriya Customer
Russell Harris
Ruth Amos University Lecturer UCL
Ruth Gavin Cherry
Ruth Hope
Ruth Houlsby
Ruth Richardson
Ruth shepherd Punchdrunk theatre company
Ryan Dawes Dawes Paints
Ryan Doyle
ryan pickard
Ryan Sweetman
s drake
S wald
S. A. Johns S. A. Johns
Sabrina ouki
Sadari shakes
Saige England Oryx Communications
Saima khan Walthamstow
Sally Dawson Solve Sundsbo Ltd
Sally Johns
sally lacock
Sally McMillan
Salwa Dia
Sam Brewster EETG member
Sam Gullam
Long time Customer & Hackney business owner
Sam Kelly Teacher
Sam Levack French Riviera
Sam richards
Sam Thornton
Sam Wolfson
Sammie Bell
Sammy wray Freelance
Samuel Davies
Samuel Jackaman
Samuel Olujimni
Sandra Brierley
Sandra Farrell
Sandra Fayle
Sandra Lousada Sandra Lousada
Sandra Richards Photographer
Sandy Burrell Retired
Sanjay Khanna
Sapna Carrasco
Sara Ann bettell Wickmas trees
Sara Duchars
Sara Freeman
Sara Paparini Self employed
Sarah Ainslie Photographer
Sarah Cleaver
Sarah Dobai
University of the Arts London (Long standing local customer)
Sarah Eliot
Sarah Finch
Sarah Fraser Steele
Sarah Hammond
Sarah Haque Urban Species Retail Limited
Sarah Johns
Sarah LeMay
Sarah Ludford
Sarah Mace NORCAP
Sarah Marks Buttonbag ltd
Sarah Medway Artist/writer
Sarah Outram
Sarah Parish Local resident
sarah pascoe
Sarah Pearson
Sarah Streatfeild
Sarah Willis
Sarah Winman
sarah withers bleat post production ltd
Sarita West
Sasha Simic Citizen
Schon daway
Scott R Powell Ballynahinch Books
sean cleere e5 acupuncture ltd
Sean harland Matter sfx
Sean Highton Ex Hackney resident and customer
Sean McCavera
Sebastian Gardiner None
Sebastian Kapfhammer
Shaheen Martin Private individual
Shamsa Abdalla
Sharon Ferreira
Sharon Ferreira
Sharon Ferreira
Shaun Phillips
Sheelagh Butler Sheelagh Butler
Sheila Carton Freelance
Shelaine Stanley-Mitchell
Shelley Large N/A
Shirley Brihi
Shiva Kashizadeh Scott
Shona McWilliams
Sian N/a
Sian Hoffman The Model Traitor limited
Siana Vere Nicoll Siana Flowers
Sibyl Zao-Sanders
Sid Ahmed
Siena Pakington
Siew Jin Wickes Jinny Ngui Design
Simmone Hassan
Simon Jones Jones Neville
Simon Korner Hackney Downs Labour party
simon kunz
Simon Lambert Long-term customer of Len’s garage
Simon Metson Resident
Simon Phillps
Simon Phillps
Simon Phillps
Simon Rendall
Simon Ricketts CB N/A
Simon rowson
Simon Willows
Simone Kunisch
Sinead McQuillan
Singh Patel Mbrothers mot and Autoservices Ltd
Siobhan Blackshaw
Siobhan Burns Siobhans cleaning Co
Siobhan Farrar
Sir Jonathan Pryce CBE
Sofía Craxton
Sofie sandberg
Soizic marechal
Sonia King
Sonia Murray Writer
Sonia Sebastian N/a
Sonny Brinkworth Design
Sophia Close Consultant
Sophie El
Sophie Fargher
Sophie Howse
Sophie jacobs Sophie jacobs
Sophie ralls
Sophie Theunissen Resident
Ssrah Haque Urban Species Retail Limited
Stefan Lugo-Labiejko
stella herbert
Stephanie Beoom Broom London
stephanie brann
Stephanie Greig
Stephanie Saich Inspire
Stephen Matthes
Stephen Scott
Steve Clarke Private individual
Steve Munro Retired
Steve Shinners
Steven Green
Stewart Gee
Stuart archer Archer + Braun Architecture
Stuart Scott Collaborative Learning Project
Sue Hadley
Sue Hendry Retired
Sue Hensman
Sue Jones
Sue keenan Xxx
Sue Marchetto
Sue Mayer
Sue Merrick N/A
Sue Millman
Sue Richards
Suhenaj Begum
Suki Dhanda
Suki Dhanda
Supper Bernice Holmes Support J C Motors
Susan Ambrose
Susan Glen
Susan Lacy Customer of Len for many years
Susan Miles Private supporter
Susan Moseley
Susana Lampert
Susana nunez
Susanna davies-crook
Susanna Heron Susanna Heron Studio
Susanna K
Boundary Tenants and Residents Association
Susanne Nicholas
Susie Coulthard CLTHD
Susie Honeyman
Suzannah Watson Meadows Cambridge Ltd
Suzanne Henderson
Suzanne Wright
Suzi clay
Suzie Harris
Suzie howell
Sybil Caines
Sylvia Daley
Sylvia Duff
Sylvia Law None
T Fawdry three50six
Takki Sulaiman Tower of Glenstrae Ltd
Tali Silver Leon Silver ltd
Tamara Tracz
Tania Carson Tin Cafe
Tara Freelance
Taran Takhar
Tarkan bayram
Mbrothers mot and autoservices Ltd best in town for over 50 years
Tarkan Errol H&S Winchmore Builders
Tasnim Siddiqa Amin Freelancer
Teagan Erichsen
Teague Flannery
Ted Nimbe
Teresa Breathnach
Teresa Chatterton N/a
Terry Barns Redbridge resident
Terry Francis Mbrothers mot and autoservice Ltd
Tess Atkinson
Tessa Hunkin Hackney mosaic project
Thaeygan N/A
Theodora de Jasay
Theresa Luckhoo N/A
Thomas Gullam Ethan & Tom
Thomas sanders
Thomas Thiebaud
Tilly Tillson
Tim Butcher
Tim Chapman Street Studios
Tim Ellis
Tim McCarthy
Tim Moorey
Tim Sanderson The Green Wood Guild
Tim Sayer MBE N/A
Tim Warren Set builder
Tirzah Bottomley
Toby Walker Think Tank Graphics
Tola Adeshokan
Tola Adeshokan
Tola Adeyemi Jones
Tom bird
Tom Carnwath
Tom Clark Mbrothers mot and auto services Ltd
Tom Fleming n/a
Tom Geoghegan Self employed builder
Tom Gilson Atom London IT
Tom Glover Tottenham Hotspur
Tom Horna Drive Classics
Tom Maconie
Tom Marsden TGM Landscapes Limited
Tom McDougall
Tom Shae Plastic Crayons
Tom Sunney
Tommy olarewaju
Tony Bayfield
Tony Brown
Tony Tree
Tracey C
Tracey Dawson
Tracey Igoe
Tracy Sersphin
Trevor Jameson
Trevor Sharpe The Old Lace Factory
Trevor Spencer
Tricia Kelly
Trieu Luu Tonkotsu Ltd
Trini Gonzalez
Trish manning
Tulip Tuitt
TUNC GEDIZ Dalston Auto Centre Ltd
Ursula Whitbread Grandmother
Uta Sempf
Val Nobbs
Val Smith
Val Solly
Valentine Guillet
Valerie Pyott
Vanessa Hogge Vanessa Hogge
Vanessa Toh
Vanio Papadelli
Vasco Gomes-Haller
Vaseva Qarau
Vee Canchon
Venessa Taylor
Verity Hobbs
Vernon Holt
Veronica Husbands Local resident and local customer of jc motores
Vicky Andrews Midwife
Vicky Stewart
Victoria Buurman Victoria Buurman
Victoria Lazzari
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams-Ellis
Victoria Wilson
Vincent Humeau
Virginia Noakes
Virginia Orr Virginia orr
Virginia Pitts
Vivian French Writer
Vivian Friedmann-Monkewitz student
Vivien O’Brien
Vlad Cretu
Vlad Ivascau Software Engineer
VW Owner Resident
W J Horsburgh
Walter Hawkesworth
Wasim Raja Accountant
Wasim wadair Key & shoe crafts
Wayne Gough Ricolway Autos
Wayne King
Weci Reeves
Mbrothers mot being using them 50 years and over
Wendy Dennis Customer of JC Motors
Wendy Griffiths Customer and local resident
Wendy Redshaw
Wendy Shires
Wendy Stephenson
Wesley Pires
Wiliam Griffiths Landlord
Will Brett
Will Buckley
Will Collin
Will Mount
Will Russell
William Blount
William Bridgeworth Here Design
William Lau
William Littlewood
William Stewart MadeGood Films
Xander Coy
Xavier Ribas
University Lecturer / Self-employed photographer
Xiaoqi Gu
Yoko Hondq
Yolanda Crisp
Yolande Burgin Artist
Yoli Ant Gaia Pulses
Yvonne Cheyney
Yvonne Mitchell
Yvonne Neblett
Yvonne Tibbs
Yvonne Wignall
Zac Ellis
Zac Mullins OCU
Zack Polanski Green Party
Zafer Nanci Mbrothers mot and auto service ltd
Zafer Nanci Mbrothers mot and auto service ltd
Zaki D
Zaynab Khan-Phatan
Zeenia Hasnain
Zeineb Al-Saygh
Zézinha Anjos
Zoe Arnold
Zoe Blanc
Zoë Garbett
Green Party (Councillor in Hackney & Mayor of London candidate)
Zoe Metson-Bailie
Zoe Starreveld Zoe Starreveld Ltd
Zoié Dash Quote Bags