Turner Prize winners Assemble to speak at our Making the City – Ideas Workshop!



The EETG was established because our founder members identified and voted on rents, rates and planning as the priority issues for action. These areas of common concern strongly emerged during our meetings, as well as the need to demonstrate members central importance to the character and success of the East End, and to raise awareness of instability in the face of rising rents imposed by commercial landlords and large scale redevelopment, such as Spitalfields Market and the Bishopsgate Goodsyard. It was clear that a strong local power base would be required to match the powerful institutions that shape London’s urban development.

Building on the traction we have made in terms of developing constructive relationships and initiatives with local councils, the EETG is organising an exciting workshop in collaboration with Just Space Economy & PlanningFuture Cities Catapult and the RSA. This workshop is an exercise in collective intelligence, designed to brainstorm and innovate pragmatic ideas for action with a focus on industry.

London has a diverse and growing industrial economy, which has returned to growth after decades of decline.  Much of the industrial economy is about servicing the city, so as the population of London grows, it too grows.  Manufacturing in London is often considered dead or on the way out, yet exciting things are happening, such as the return of niche manufacturing and the rise of makerspaces. Industrial jobs represent 11% of London’s total employment, and 16% of employment outside the Central Activities Zone (CAZ). 22% of all Small and Medium Sized enterprises – the engines of entrepreneurialism and innovation – are in industrial areas.

There is an emerging consensus that efforts to protect remaining industrial land have had little impact in the face of development pressure and that, in the face of the parallel housing crisis, we need to think more creatively. Our Ideas Workshop will bring together the range of people we think have the skills, expertise and passion to develop workable solutions for accommodating and integrating London’s future industrial and maker capacity into our urban fabric, whilst simultaneously delivering the housing London needs. Turner Prize winners Assemble will inspire our participants  to think imaginatively about how we achieve this ambitious but vital task.

Making the City – Ideas Workshop will take place at the Urban Innovation Centre on March 18th from 9.30 to 12.30. The event is by invitation only but if you are interested to attend please send an email to; krissie@tradescompass.co.uk outlining your interest and skill set and we will aim to accommodate you if we can.

For further information please call Krissie Nicolson on; 07910 966738

Click here to read the blog on the RSA website about this event.