Taking Fun Seriously with Projects Office!

Taking Fun Seriously with Projects Office!


James Christian, Bethan Kay and Megan Charnley

How did it all begin, what’s the story of your business?

Projects Office was founded a few years after Bethan, James and Megan graduated from the Royal College of Art’s architecture course. Having gained experience in different architecture offices in London and around the world (and for Megan, a stint in the strange world of tech), they joined forces back in London to build their own practice.

What kind of work does Projects Office do?

Our studio ethos is ‘fantastic pragmatism’: we think laterally, solve problems imaginatively, and take fun seriously. We understand that every project has constraints, and we work hard to create bold and beautiful spaces and places, while meeting the clients’ budget and timelines.
We spend time to get to know our clients and how they work, to deliver bold and unique spaces – none of our projects look alike. For our commercial clients, we think of this as helping create their ‘spatial identity’: they may have a brand identity (if they don’t, we’ll help them with that!), but we create the space that reflects and helps develop that brand. The physical space of a shop or restaurant is often the first and most important interactioncustomers have with a brand – it’s critical that it makes an impact.
Formative Coffee in Victoria, with bespoke lighting and shelving to create a destination for coffee lovers

Why did you join the Guild?

Building a small business can be hard, but we believe there’s power in numbers, and we’re really impressed with the community the Guild has built. Also, we love the maps!

What services can you offer Guild members?

As architects and designers, we’d love to work with other Guild members to create the shops, spaces and workplaces they need to succeed. We’ll offer a free consultation to all EETG members, or if members are looking at new potential premises and considering a design project, we’d be delighted to give a second opinion before leases are signed, with no obligation. We really want to help everyone stay and thrive in the East End.
A workspace for a tech company in West London, with a domestic feel and a full commercial kitchen
An animated shop window for Uniqlo, featuring pesky pigeons stealing the A/W collection’s wool

This colourful fit out for a tech company in Haggerston featured bleacher seating, a jazzy curtain and a huge team table