Meet Our Members – Julie Higgins, Rebel Alchemy

Meet Our Members – Julie Higgins, Rebel Alchemy

Blog by Mia Johnson, Marketing Assistant.


Meet Julie Higgins, founder of Rebel Alchemy which offers alternative healthcare with energy healing and aromatherapy. Energy Healing is the oldest form of medicine and has been around since the start of Millenia. Energy healing is a powerful method that targets the main cause of disease instead of solely treating the symptoms of the disease. Rebel Alchemy has helped its patients overcome a multitude of issues such as chronic pain, career blocks, reproductive difficulties, anxiety/stress and much more. Julie is also NHS trained to provide complimentary care to patients who have a Cancer diagnosis.“I provide a confidential and relaxed service in the London area, and I am a registrant of the CNHC and CMA respectively”.  Julie Higgins

Rebel Alchemy was officially founded in April 2021, shortly after the lockdown, following the Coronavirus pandemic. Julie also held virtual sessions on Zoom to clients through distant healing during the pandemic, which she found to be “as powerful as a regular healing session”. Although Rebel Alchemy is most frequently practised in person, a distant healing approach can be provided to clients who are unable to travel. Julie discusses how clients were initially reluctant to meet in person for energy healing after lockdown, which resulted in a challenging time for her business during its initial launch. She found that at the end of 2021, clients grew more comfortable attending her practice in person.

Before she became a small business owner, Julie was a musician, where she sang for a number of years. Due to the contentious nature of the music industry, Julie found herself being turned more and more onto a spiritual path as a means of survival. This pursuit eventually led her to train as a Healer in 2015. A few people had remarked that she had a calming disposition, so it seemed a natural evolution.

“I wasn’t aware previously that music as an art form is healing. Music heightens the vibrations of the cells, which can abate disease. So I was always a healer in a musical sense. My journey has come full circle, and now I’m hoping to embark on a sound healing project in the near future!”.

Julie discovered the East End Trades Guild through the Hackney Biz Network Newsletter where she immediately became interested in the Guild as it would provide her with the opportunity to expand her network as she found this difficult as a small business in its early stages.   Since joining the East End Trades Guild, Julie has attended an East End Trades Guild social event, where she says she “had managed to connect with a good community of other [Guild] members which was a lovely experience”.

Julie’s main piece of advice to small business owners is to have a support network, she discusses how this was the main difficulty for her whilst running her business and states that “having a support network is very important, even if it is friends or family. There is a huge lack of funding opportunities which is a big hindrance. So you need all the connections you can get.

In the future, I am looking into selling products and health tech, I am looking to move into that and find the right opportunities that will help me venture into this. As previously mentioned, the lack of funding for my business is an issue, so I am looking for the right avenue to lead into that.

Especially during this economic climate, I am also looking to delve more into employee/ corporate wellbeing. If any employers and employees have well-being needs such as mental health and muscular skeletal issues, I work on a clinical level and solve real health issues. Any work-based health concerns you have, I am here to solve them.”

“Absolutely amazing! What Julie did has made a huge impact on our family. Being able to change someone’s way of thinking and pull out information that has been stored internally for years was remarkable. The methods and the gentleness used made a huge difference to how the interaction took to be able to extract information from someone who doesn’t talk much about certain issues is brilliant. Thanks so so much for your insight and expertise. HIGHLY recommend her for healing and the other amazing services that she delivers.. Brilliant service ” – Lorraine Bradshaw

Julie’s work has proven effective, as she is ranked 5 stars by her clients on Google. One client states: “I trust that when I need a healer this person turns up in my life! Sure, enough this was how Julie Higgins arrived in my life! I was not at my best & Julie not only recognised this but she gently reminded me about caring for myself! She then calmly set about pouring healing into my very weary body! I cannot remember much about the session but for me, that means I was in need of every moment of it. I felt so relaxed & rejuvenated at the end. In a far better place to cope with my day. I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. She is a true healer & was such a guide to me when I needed it the most! Thank you!” – Jessica Clements

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