Free Local Resources for the Self Employed, Small & Micro Businesses

Free Local Resources for the Self Employed, Small and Micro Businesses!

Here’s a list of what’s on offer from our wonderful neighbours. We will continue to update this as we find more an more useful stuff!

Click here for a template email to your landlord to ask for your rent to be reduced.

Colyman Coyle Blog – the rigorous legal perspective on all the new Government announcements including the Job Renention Scheme and this regarding evictions;

Coronavirus Act 2020- Business Tenancies

“The government have now enacted provisions to prevent forfeiture claims being brought against businesses as a result of the crisis.

From the 26 March 2020 to 30 June 2020 (the “relevant period”), a landlord’s right of re-entry or forfeiture arising from non-payment of rent cannot be enforced. The relevant period can be extended beyond 30 June 2020 by the Secretary of State.

Conversely, during the relevant period, a landlord cannot be said to have waived his or her right of re-entry or forfeiture, unless it is done expressly in writing.

The result of these provisions is that from 26 March 2020 until 30 June 2020, no order for possession can be enforced and any order for possession made during that period must take effect after 30 June 2020.

During the relevant period, businesses affected by the crisis may be unable to pay their rent. Currently, under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, landlords can oppose the grant of a new lease protected by that Act by asserting the ground under section 30(1)(b) i.e. that there has been a  persistent delay in paying rent which has become due. The Coronavirus Act provides that any failure to pay rent during the relevant period is to be disregarded under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

While the proposals grant tenants welcome protection during these difficult times, it does leave landlords with mounting rent arrears which may affect their ability to pay their own mortgages and outgoings. The Government has said that a mortgage holiday will be provided by lenders and the Financial Conduct Authority has produced guidance on this issue”.

ECHO –  Economy of Hours is free to join, the network trades time instead of money, an hour for an hour with lots of online and remote services on offer you could use this moment to get your website shipshape or learn to deliver online workshops.

Hackney Council’s Hackney Business Network This is Hackney Council’s dedidcated business resource. If you’re based in Hackney sign up for for direct updates on the upcoming 10k grant for small businesses via the subsribe button.

Jess the Teacher Primary school age kids stuck at home is really tough for parents right now , especially if you still have to work or volunteer. Subscibe to Jess the Teacher’s Youtube Channel for resources and ideas to keep the littluns busy.

Local Buyers ClubThe local loyalty scheme for residents who back the neighbourhood have put togther a great online resource for home play and learning for children.

Martin’s Money Page – Not local but loads of money need-to-knows for the self-employed, employees, those now home with kids.

Mutual Aid Groups A list of Covid – 19 mutual aid groups.

Pedal Me – 52 delivery bicycles, based in East London –  all riders are salaried staff. Pedal Me offer very reasonable rates for delivery from local shops and businesses such as £1.30 per mile and 30p per minute. They’re also  happy to discuss  pooling deliveries.

The Creative Freelancers list from TUTTI Spaces – Discovered via ECHO, TUTTI has compiled a list of free resources for creative freelancers.

The London Growth Hub – The Greater London Authority’s resource for London’s Small Businesses and has a dedicated resource page compiled as a reponse the crisis including factheets on leases, rent reviews and managing existing contracts.

Tower Hamlets Council Covid -19 Response for businesses located here.

Waltham Forest – Covid -19 Response for businesses located here, subscribe for latest council information.

Zedify –  This is not free but potentially useful and Zedify are happy to discuss payment options on a case by case basis. They run a zero emmisions delivery service for essential services such as food and for local deliveries for businesses moving online. They have some simple tech for shops to be able to book deliveries and for these to be efficiently delivered by one of their riders with a ‘no contact’ policy.