Vout-O-Reenees is a surreal wonderland, an Arts club full of extraordinary people who might be psychiatrists or musicians, filmmakers or cranial osteopaths or painters but they are all creative beings who recognise we have a short time on earth and its best to spread the love with some laughter. Of course we make the best cocktails in town have the craziest parties and the most wonderful talks exhibitions live music talks comedy film shows but the point is the people. Its an old fashioned club, we treat each other with respect and I introduce members to people I think they'd like to know or might have stuff in common work wise. I only employ creative staff, currently a singer songwriter and an artist. We are a club with a conscience, do loads for charity, but believe Joy and laughter are primary to the good life of a higher consciousness. what you do to earn money does not define you, but what you create does. Join us if you believe in our ethos and you love to dance talk and laugh....
Prescot Street 110
London E1 8BB England GB
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