The Backward vendor consists of a showroom and workshop space; the showroom is used for displaying the goods that we craft, the materials, and the traditional tools that we use. The studio is a fully functioning and operational workspace, this is where we craft all our leather goods. In addition to a workspace, we run weekly leather crafting workshops. Twice a week we will teach a small group of people how to craft leather goods; using traditional tools and techniques, using our knowledge and experience as leather artisans, people can learn the intricate details involved the art of leather craft and acquire invaluable skills that can be taken with them and used to start their own crafting projects. The main focus, our intention with these workshops, are to stir creativity, to challenge people to craft and create by hand. We want to guide, and inform a wider audience of the beauty of handcraft and design, the artisanship, the care and attention to detail and love taken to create things.

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