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Gardners’ Bags

Our founder and Spitalfields oldest family business Gardners’ Bags was nationally recognised as part of the Small Business 100 on Tuesday 1st November! The campaign culminates in the UK’s dedicated day for small businesses on. In true East End spirit we wanted our Small Business Saturday to be a bit different. So Paul Gardner and many other members launched our own local, and self styled – East End Independents’ Day.


“It’s nice to have been put forward as one of the Small Business 100, I want to promote little businesses. Its an honour to have achieved this, and for us to have been going as long as we have, and we want to promote the positive stories for all the Guild members” Explains Paul.


We want to get people to shop locally, because the independents are the heart and soul of the area. Visitors come to the East End for the small businesses, for the individuality and customers know that people put themselves out when they have their own business. I will be open for a change on the Saturday for East End Independents’ Day, I’ll be telling a few stories to people on the Alternative London walking tour of when I started 44 years ago and be giving out some goodie bags”.


Read all about Paul Gardner and his important business on Spitalfields Life where you can also watch 2/8, a short film by Imogen Farrell, Joshua Kwan & Alice Lees.